Sony FS7 Rig, SmallRig, Shape, SmallHD

I’ve been tweaking my Sony FS7 rig with some handy third party accessories recently to make it a better run and gun machine.


First I’ve added a nice touch-screen SmallHD Focus monitor. I much prefer having a larger monitor on the camera, it’s obviously a big help in judging a shot. The screen is daylight viewable, supports all the scopes you could want, 3D LUTs and even does screen-grabs. I also have a Atomos Shogun monitor I could use if I need a recorder as well.

Out the box the camera can be a little front heavy so I’ve used a baseplate by SmallRig to help balance the rig on my shoulder better and give me a quick release tripod solution via a rock solid Sony VCT plate. I’m also able to mount 15mm bars on the back and front for all the usual add-ons.

It’s great now to have two nice support arms, one of which is by a company called Shape and has a clever design that let’s me reposition it with the push of a button. So incredibly handy for adjusting the rig on the fly.

I also have a V-Lock battery solution, which I can mount on the camera to power it and any extra accessories such as a remote follow focus or wireless video transmitter.

So all in all it’s a super flexible and effective solution. And best of all I can mount practically any other camera I might need to use on it. So it should be pretty future proof.

'Last Bus Home' on London Live


My old short film ‘Last Bus Home’ was broadcast on London Live thanks to the nice people at the Raindance Film Festival.

Bad Words - Best Micro Comedy Short Film @ Berlin Flash Film Festival

My 60 second short film ‘Bad Words’ has just won the Best Micro Comedy short film award at the Berlin Flash Film Festival Nov 2017


Chicken Connoisseur / DADI Awards

My Samsung S8+/ The Chicken Connoisseur film was a winner at the DADI Awards 2017 for ‘Best use of Social Media’.


Directors UK

It’s been a good week for meeting personal heroes as I attended the Directors UK big meet-up. It was nice to have a chance to meet some of my peers and also some veterans of the industry who directed the very shows that inspired me to make my own comedy films.


Doug Naylor - Red Dwarf Co-Creator

I had the pleasure of meeting Doug Naylor, the co-creator Red Dwarf.

That show has always had a huge inspiration to me. The perfect combination of great characters and cast, brilliant jokes and some of the most inventive and weird storylines you’ll find in a sitcom (or anywhere for that matter). The fact it’s still going strong after 25 years is also pretty amazing.

So it was great to hear some writing advice from one of the super minds behind it.

doug naylor red dwarf

'Dark Signals' Top 20 on Netflix

Happy to see ‘Dark Signals’ a British horror movie I did some VFX work on be voted as being in the top 20 horror movies on Netflix

Anonymous shoot

Behind the scenes on a recent corporate shoot on the subject of web security. Shooting on the Sony FS7.


Comedy Directing Showreel

I recently put together this showreel of the best of my comedy work in TVC’s, viral and short films.

Fashion Film Shoot

A little behind the scenes on a recent fashion shoot I was Director and DOP on in a studio in Dalston.