FakeApp - Face swapping software


I’ve been playing around with FakeApp, a clever bit of shareware that uses machine learning to do face swapping in videos. My own tests haven’t been too impressive (see below), so I need to play around a bit more with it. But deep learning is going to be playing an increasingly big role in visual effects and post production work. I’m excited by the new creative possibilities, not least that I can finally join the Rebel Alliance.

'Luminous Man' - UK Screen One Film Festival

My surreal comic epic ‘Luminous Man’ has been nominated for an award at the UK Screen One Film Festival 2018


'Doomsday Ready' new laurels

Delighted to have another laurel to the Doomsday Ready poster thanks to the London Worldwide Comedy Short Festival. With our 16 minute running time we didn’t quite make it to the official selection. Which is quite understandable, they can schedule 4/5 other nice shorts with their respective audiences instead. But we do have ‘Bad Words’ being screened there so that will be fun.


Corporate Filming

I’ve been doing a lot of filming for various business clients lately. Here I have both my main 4K cameras; the Sony FS7 and A7S2 as a B-Cam. The images match up great in the edit, and a 2nd angle on an interview or event is always super handy.

Instag - kit trolley   Instag - two cameras
The only issue with all that kit is carrying it around, so my fold-up trolley has been a life saver.