DJI Ronin-M - 1st Shoot

It didn’t take long for the DJI Ronin-M to find it’s way on set. We recently used it on a TV commercial I was DoP on.
Here we have it mounted with a remote follow focus, Sony A7S and Atomos Shogun for 4k ProRes HQ recording.


DJI Ronin-M - New 3-Axis Gimbal

I’ve been getting familiar with an important new addition to the kit list; a Ronin-M 3-Axis stabilising gimbal. This device does a similar job to a Steadicam, keeping the camera silky smooth during moving shots. It can support cameras as big as a C300, so is quite a powerful tool.

I’ve been looking forward to getting a device like this since the MOVI was launched. Just working with tracks and sliders can be quite limiting and not always practical. So this should help bring more dynamic possibilities to future projects. And best of all, it’s very fast to work with.