Formula 437 - VFX

Formula 437 was shot on a very tight budget with a super fast schedule. As such a few handy VFX really helped us make the most of what we had.
Here are some interesting before and after shots from the film.

1. Dark Corridor
What do you do when you’re filming in a busy hotel and you need to black out the corridor. You turn to extreme grading!

vfx - corridor Avfx - corridor B

2. Reception TV screen.
We kind of needed a TV screen on the wall, but there wasn’t one. Enter the track dots.

vfx - reception Avfx - reception B

3. Black Cab
There weren’t many black cabs nearby so the cab driving away was shot in C.London and roto’d in.

vfx - cab Avfx - cab B

4. Phone Screens
There are lots of handy apps out there for adding those tracking marks to phone / computer screens.

vfx - phone Avfx - phone B

5. News Reader
Our news reader Sophie Millett, filmed against a cheap pop-up green screen long after the main shoot.

vfx - news Avfx - news Bvfx - news C

Simple! The only hard thing is trying to convince your cast and crew that that piece of paper on the wall with the circles will be a TV screen.
And that going down a lit corridor with torches on won’t look stupid once you’re done a bit of work on it :-)

Formula 437

I’ve recently re-gigged a short film I finished earlier in the year. Formally Bio-Killer, it’s now called Formula 437