Chicken Connoisseur / DADI Awards

My Samsung S8+/ The Chicken Connoisseur film was a winner at the DADI Awards 2017 for ‘Best use of Social Media’.


Directors UK

It’s been a good week for meeting personal heroes as I attended the Directors UK big meet-up. It was nice to have a chance to meet some of my peers and also some veterans of the industry who directed the very shows that inspired me to make my own comedy films.


Doug Naylor - Red Dwarf Co-Creator

I had the pleasure of meeting Doug Naylor, the co-creator Red Dwarf.

That show has always had a huge inspiration to me. The perfect combination of great characters and cast, brilliant jokes and some of the most inventive and weird storylines you’ll find in a sitcom (or anywhere for that matter). The fact it’s still going strong after 25 years is also pretty amazing.

So it was great to hear some writing advice from one of the super minds behind it.

doug naylor red dwarf

'Dark Signals' Top 20 on Netflix

Happy to see ‘Dark Signals’ a British horror movie I did some VFX work on be voted as being in the top 20 horror movies on Netflix

Anonymous shoot

Behind the scenes on a recent corporate shoot on the subject of web security. Shooting on the Sony FS7.