Sony FS7 Rig, SmallRig, Shape, SmallHD

I’ve been tweaking my Sony FS7 rig with some handy third party accessories recently to make it a better run and gun machine.


First I’ve added a nice touch-screen SmallHD Focus monitor. I much prefer having a larger monitor on the camera, it’s obviously a big help in judging a shot. The screen is daylight viewable, supports all the scopes you could want, 3D LUTs and even does screen-grabs. I also have a Atomos Shogun monitor I could use if I need a recorder as well.

Out the box the camera can be a little front heavy so I’ve used a baseplate by SmallRig to help balance the rig on my shoulder better and give me a quick release tripod solution via a rock solid Sony VCT plate. I’m also able to mount 15mm bars on the back and front for all the usual add-ons.

It’s great now to have two nice support arms, one of which is by a company called Shape and has a clever design that let’s me reposition it with the push of a button. So incredibly handy for adjusting the rig on the fly.

I also have a V-Lock battery solution, which I can mount on the camera to power it and any extra accessories such as a remote follow focus or wireless video transmitter.

So all in all it’s a super flexible and effective solution. And best of all I can mount practically any other camera I might need to use on it. So it should be pretty future proof.