Waterproof Cameraman

I certainly gave the rain cover for my camera a thorough workout this weekend through an all day London downpour. Happy to say the camera survived without a drop of water on it. I’m using a nice waterproof protector from Camrade for the Sony FS7.


Sony FS7 Rig, SmallRig, Shape, SmallHD

I’ve been tweaking my Sony FS7 rig with some handy third party accessories recently to make it a better run and gun machine.


First I’ve added a nice touch-screen SmallHD Focus monitor. I much prefer having a larger monitor on the camera, it’s obviously a big help in judging a shot. The screen is daylight viewable, supports all the scopes you could want, 3D LUTs and even does screen-grabs. I also have a Atomos Shogun monitor I could use if I need a recorder as well.

Out the box the camera can be a little front heavy so I’ve used a baseplate by SmallRig to help balance the rig on my shoulder better and give me a quick release tripod solution via a rock solid Sony VCT plate. I’m also able to mount 15mm bars on the back and front for all the usual add-ons.

It’s great now to have two nice support arms, one of which is by a company called Shape and has a clever design that let’s me reposition it with the push of a button. So incredibly handy for adjusting the rig on the fly.

I also have a V-Lock battery solution, which I can mount on the camera to power it and any extra accessories such as a remote follow focus or wireless video transmitter.

So all in all it’s a super flexible and effective solution. And best of all I can mount practically any other camera I might need to use on it. So it should be pretty future proof.

Arri Amira


Had the pleasure of shooting with the Arri Amira this week.

Sony A7S2 + Ronin-M

I had my first shoot with my new Sony A7S2, which pairs up perfectly with my Ronin-M giving internal 4k recording, 100fps high-speed and an internal stabiliser as well. I’m still going to keep the Sony A7S I think, as the perfect B-Camera.


DJI Ronin-M - 1st Shoot

It didn’t take long for the DJI Ronin-M to find it’s way on set. We recently used it on a TV commercial I was DoP on.
Here we have it mounted with a remote follow focus, Sony A7S and Atomos Shogun for 4k ProRes HQ recording.


DJI Ronin-M - New 3-Axis Gimbal

I’ve been getting familiar with an important new addition to the kit list; a Ronin-M 3-Axis stabilising gimbal. This device does a similar job to a Steadicam, keeping the camera silky smooth during moving shots. It can support cameras as big as a C300, so is quite a powerful tool.

I’ve been looking forward to getting a device like this since the MOVI was launched. Just working with tracks and sliders can be quite limiting and not always practical. So this should help bring more dynamic possibilities to future projects. And best of all, it’s very fast to work with.


A7S + Shogun


I had the pleasure of doing some running and gunning with my full Sony A7S + Shogun rig. Shooting in glorious 4k. As a one-man crew I was also recording sound and even had a nice top-light on the rig. A versatile set-up, and the results are gorgeous. I used a similar set-up to shoot this video for Visit London, with my GH4 as the B-camera.

Sony A7S

Just taken delivery of a new Sony A7s + EF Speed Booster, an amazing new full frame DSLR camera that can see in the dark and can render amazing cinematic images. It can shoot internal 50 mbps HD, and film in Slog, so it makes a great compact broadcast camera. And has the added benefit of being able to shoot up to 120fps (720p) and also 4k video with the help of an external recorder.

Here it is recently being used as a B-Camera next to the Sony F5 on a broadcast job, along with my shoulder rig. Shooting in Slog2 mode, it matches up very nicely in post with it’s big brother.


Can’t wait to make some great movies with these amazing tools.

Panasonic GH4

I recently picked up a new Panasonic LUMIX GH4 camera. So now I can shoot pin-sharp 4k video. And also slow-mo up to 96fps. In side-by-side comparisons the GH4 actually stands-up remarkably well against the RED EPIC, which is pretty amazing. I will still be keeping hold of my Canon 5D Mark 3 though, as it still has it’s strengths.


Check out the demo video above.

Disposal Horror Short - Shot on the Steadicam Pilot

Practicing my skills with the Steadicam Pilot system with this quickly shot short horror film ‘Disposal’. Starring the talented Hannah Speller.