Anonymous shoot

Behind the scenes on a recent corporate shoot on the subject of web security. Shooting on the Sony FS7.


Samsung / The Chicken Connoisseur Advert

I had the pleasure of Directing, Editing and doing some B-Camera operating on this advert for Samsung with The Chicken Connoisseur:

Great to see it clocking 2.5 millions views in only a week on Facebook.

Image by our brilliant DOP David Cawley

samsung-1 samsung-2
Behind the scenes photos by our great sound recordist Freya Clarke

Makers Channel

Here’s a teaser for a programme I co-shot for the Makers Channel in London and Manchester

City Hall Filming

I did some filming down at City Hall this week. And had a good vantage point for GV shots.


Oddbins - #WhatTheFox

Delighted to be able to share this new Christmas short film I had the pleasure of directing and cutting for Spectrecom Films

It’s been getting some great press.

Comedy Central tweeted it was ‘the best advert of Xmas 2015’, and have this nice article on their site:

Adweek also covered it, describing it as ‘the year’s weirdest holiday ad’, I’m happy with that.

oddbins-article-cropped comedycentral

Once again my puppetry skills came in handy.

oddbins IMG_4463

PC Specialist - TVC

My new TV commercial for PC Specialist has been released.

The whole ad consists of one long ambitious camera move close-up to a computer tower. Shot on an Sony FS7 at Broadley Studios, Marylebone.

One Water - Charity Viral

I’m very proud to have been one of the shooters on this recent charity viral video for One Water, which in just a few days has already had nearly half a million views.

Instant Hero

Mime artists, dancers and acrobats. Watch how we thanked unsuspecting Instant Heroes in London's Covent Garden recently #InstantHero

Posted by One Difference on Wednesday, 19 August 2015

The Grosvenor Gent - Dress to Impress

I directed and did some shooting on a series of informative films for Grosvenor Gent with Mark Wright. Graded at The Mill!

A7S + Shogun


I had the pleasure of doing some running and gunning with my full Sony A7S + Shogun rig. Shooting in glorious 4k. As a one-man crew I was also recording sound and even had a nice top-light on the rig. A versatile set-up, and the results are gorgeous. I used a similar set-up to shoot this video for Visit London, with my GH4 as the B-camera.

Travelogue Film - First Great Western

I shot some nice travelogue films for First Great Western and the London Evening Standard. I had the great pleasure of working with travel guru / presenter Simon Calder.

The films I shot / directed and edited were for Bristol & Cornwall. And can be viewed here

Bn0z2RcIIAAc_ae.jpg_largeeden project