New Doomsday Ready Episodes

I’ve been making a few new episodes of my comedy web-series ‘Doomsday Ready’ for YouTube. As before it’s a bit of a solo effort; I star in them and also shot and do all the editing. It’s quite a good filmmaking challenge! Here a couple of my favourite recent episodes:

Black Helicopter Attack

Swiss Army Knife

Portland Comedy Film Festival

Doomsday Ready has made the official selection at the Portland Comedy Film Festival 2017.
And it has also been nominated for two awards, Best Cinematographer and Best Supporting Actress.


Doomsday Ready WINS at the London Short Film Festival 2017

Incredible news - we won the Best Low-Budget Short Film award at the BAFTA affiliated London Short Film Festival.


Here is a clip of our acceptance speech at the awards ceremony held at the ICA.

Doomsday Ready Screening @ LSFF

We're excited to announce ‘Doomsday Ready’ has made the official selection of the 14th London Short Film Festival. We’ve also been nominated for the Best Lo-Budget Short Film.
The screening will be at the Hackney Picturehouse on the 13th January 2017.


Doomsday Ready Screening

We had a great time at the screening of Doomsday Ready held by the good people at the excellent London Short Film network. We had an awesome response from a great crowd of fellow filmmakers and creative types.


Official Selection Portsmouth International Film Festival

Doomsday Ready has been made the official selection at the Portsmouth International Film Festival. Looking forward to it.


LA Trip


We had a great time in LA, partly to attend to the LA Comedy Festival to see ‘Doomsday Ready’ being screened twice but also to finally visit the states and see the sights.


I particularly enjoyed visiting Universal Studios and zipping around in a Dodger Challenger down the wrong side of the road.

Here are a little video we posted while we were out there.

End of Days Film Festival - Official Selection

‘Doomsday Ready’ has made it into the comedy programme of the End of Days Film Festival over in sunny Orlando Florida. And has been nominated for Best Comedy Short Film.

EOD Laurels Official Selection BLACK

LA Comedy Film Festival - Official Selection

‘Doomsday Ready’ got accepted into the LA Comedy Film Festival!


'Doomsday Ready' - Trailer

Here’s a nice trailer for my new short film ‘Doomsday Ready’. The full film is currently being considered for several film festivals.