Oddbins - #WhatTheFox

Delighted to be able to share this new Christmas short film I had the pleasure of directing and cutting for Spectrecom Films

It’s been getting some great press.

Comedy Central tweeted it was ‘the best advert of Xmas 2015’, and have this nice article on their site:


Adweek also covered it, describing it as ‘the year’s weirdest holiday ad’, I’m happy with that.


oddbins-article-cropped comedycentral

Once again my puppetry skills came in handy.

oddbins IMG_4463

Temporary Accommodation Review

We just got a great review in the London Film Review for our short film ‘Temporary Accommodation’.


Shot in London, Temporary Accommodation takes viewers on a journey through what can only be classified as “the big bad world”. A newly wed couple – having spent all their savings on a glamorous wedding – now find themselves in a face-off with reality. Living out of their car and struggling to make it through the day, Richard and Chloe must decide whether love truly does conquer all.
Directed by Mark Jackson, Temporary Accommodation is engaging in all the right ways. What could have easily turned into an extremely clichéd film has instead dodged the bullet to emerge as an honest portrayal of the transition into adulthood – reminding us that the transition isn’t all that smooth for some of us. Jackson has done a terrific job at balancing the film with doses of intensity and moments of comedy in exactly the right places, making it an enjoyable watch all around.
What surprised me the most about Temporary Accommodation was the sympathy I ended up feeling for this debt-ridden, seemingly helpless, couple. Within the first few seconds of being introduced to Richard, it’s easy to be repulsed by the man’s disrespectful attitude and unruly behaviour. Yet, despite being a character who is meant to be looked down upon, Robin Berry does a remarkable job of transforming Richard into a character who absorbs empathy from viewers and a character who we are eager to see emerge on top.
Siobhán McKiernan is just as powerful in her role as Richard’s increasingly impatient wife, Chloe. Despite her character being in a situation that not many of us have had to face personally, there’s something about Chloe that makes her very easy to relate to. McKiernan emits emotions of desperation and vulnerability brilliantly – and does so whilst portraying Chloe as a strong and independent character at the same time. It’s a paradox that makes Chloe’s character one of the most intriguing ones in the film.
The talent of these two actors particularly shines through in the moments when they are on different sides of the fence. As we watch them break down under the pressures that surround them, it’s difficult to conclude which one of them is in the wrong. Berry and McKiernan absorb you into each of their individual characters, leaving you with the emotions of conflict their characters feel. For a second, you might even forget that you’re just a film-watcher, and might believe yourself to be in the shoes of Richard or Chloe, struggling to keep your head above the water.
As the couple navigate the rough waters of homelessness, it’s difficult not to hope that everything works out for them in the end. However, Jackson has created a film based on reality – and we do know that reality isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. An important film that touches on an extremely relevant issue, Temporary Accommodation is a light-hearted reminder that everything does work out most of the time, but beware – it turns out that when one door opens, another one closes.

The Souvenir - Who's There Bloody Cuts Competition

I managed too squeeze one last short film production into 2013 with my entry in the Bloody Cuts ‘Who’s There’ horror challenge.

Returning from her trip abroad, a traveller's holiday souvenir turns out to be more then she bargained for.
Charlie Bond.

Last Bus Home

My short film ‘Last Bus Home’, has just been accepted to be screened at the 11th London Short Film Festival. Get in there!

Starring Todd Von Joel and Alicia Bennett. Crew: 1st AC James Melrose and Sound Recordist David Sohanpal

You've Got To Go

My new music video. I also co-wrote the song and made the puppet-head.

I put together this interesting making-of as well.


My new comedy short with a nice Eco message. Nature gets revenge on a destructive couple as they cause havoc in the countryside.
I shot this using the Magic Lantern RAW firmware on the Canon 5D Mark 3.

Disposal Horror Short - Shot on the Steadicam Pilot

Practicing my skills with the Steadicam Pilot system with this quickly shot short horror film ‘Disposal’. Starring the talented Hannah Speller.


Temporary Accommodation

Very proud of this new short film which I shot alongside my co-camera operators Vince Knight & Jonny Franklin. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3345784

The film is currently being considered for a number of film festivals, so it’s password protected. If you would like to watch it, just drop me a line