FakeApp - Face swapping software


I’ve been playing around with FakeApp, a clever bit of shareware that uses machine learning to do face swapping in videos. My own tests haven’t been too impressive (see below), so I need to play around a bit more with it. But deep learning is going to be playing an increasingly big role in visual effects and post production work. I’m excited by the new creative possibilities, not least that I can finally join the Rebel Alliance.

'Dark Signals' Top 20 on Netflix

Happy to see ‘Dark Signals’ a British horror movie I did some VFX work on be voted as being in the top 20 horror movies on Netflix

VFX Festival 2013

Attended the VFX Festival in London. Saw some exclusive behind the scenes footage from the making of ‘Gravity’ by the folks at Framestore. And then heard some of the head honchos at the top VFX companies talk about the future of the biz.


You've Got To Go

My new music video. I also co-wrote the song and made the puppet-head.

I put together this interesting making-of as well.