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Samsung - The Chicken Connoisseur
(Director, B-Camera, Editor)
A review of the Samsung S8+ with the YouTube star The Chicken Connoisseur. Winner at the DADI Awards 2017.
Viral success, reached over 2.5 million views in just one week

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First Great Western - Cornwall Travelogue
(Shooting Director & Editor)

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Repo Man - HPI promo
(Lighting Cameraman & Editor)

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First Great Western - Bristol Travelogue
(Shooting Director & Editor)

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Soft & Gentle
(Director of Photography)
Character testimonial for a deodorant product.

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Touch of Silver Brand Video
(Director of Photography)

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Touch of Silver 'How to...'
(Director of Photography)

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Oddbins #WhatTheFox
(Director, Editor, VFX & Colourist)
Comedy Central called it 'the best advert of Xmas 2015'
Adweek called it 'the year's weirdest holiday ad'

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Skittles - Build The Rainbow
(Director & Creative)
Winner of the Silver Award at the IVCA Awards for Best Brand Communication

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Westfield Fashion Happy
(Lighting Cameraman, Editor)
4 x TV Programmes made for London Live.

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'My Met' - Metropolitan Police
(Director, Camera & Editor)