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Barclays - Women's Business Council
(Lighting Cameraman & Editor)
Promo for a scheme helping older women return to work and progress in their careers.

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Special Olympics Opening Ceremony 2017
(Shooting Director & Editor)

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Proxama - Promo
(Director of Photography & Editor)
Promo video for a mobile phone beacon company.

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Pride London 2017
(Cinematographer & Editor)

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First Great Western - Cornwall Travelogue
(Shooting Director & Editor)

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Repo Man - HPI promo
(Lighting Cameraman & Editor)

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First Great Western - Bristol Travelogue
(Shooting Director & Editor)

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Soft & Gentle
(Director of Photography)
Character testimonial for a deodorant product.

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Carlsberg Liverpool FC Competition Winners
(Shooting Director & Editor)